/ Business centre "Quadrum", Konstitucijos Ave. 21, Vilnius /


This ambitious project will re-draw the map of business attraction points in Vilnius. Quadrum, a respectable ensemble of administrative buildings of impressive size, the design of which has been based on the newest architectural trends, is likely to become the new “capital city” of business. It is a business city within the city,which will ensure the visibility of the companies it will house allowing them to develop their activities in a particularly convenient and business- and people-friendly environment.

We ensured the qualitative advantage of Quadrum in the market of business offices by taking over Scandinavian traditions including respect to the environment and community. Prestigious BREEAM certificate only issued to the projects complying with the strictest requirements will guarantee the efficiency of energy consumption, socially responsible approach to the environment and high-class comfort which is a must in any modern business project. Flexible spaces easily adaptable to the specific needs of the companies will help them to achieve their goals faster.

A+ class offices designed in accordance with Scandinavian “know-how” and containing all modern innovations guarantee pleasant working environment and increase the efficiency of work. The arrangement of Quadrum spaces will provide a possibility to complete all necessary business and daily personal matters without exiting the area of the new business centre. The satisfaction of such needs shall be ensured by multifunctional conference hall, restaurants, shopping and service zones, cosy relaxation areas, etc.

 - is the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings.

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