2015 11 19

Law Firm Tark Grunte Sutkiene to be Located in Quadrum Business Centre

The advantages of the new Quadrum business centre, currently under construction on the right bank of the Neris river, were appreciated by one of the largest law firms in the Baltic States Tark Grunte Sutkiene. The firm will occupy the 2000 sq. m premises on the seventh and eighth floors of the eastern building of the office complex.


“We are one of the largest law firms in the Baltic States having offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Vilnius team comprises of 136 employees. After the merge in September, we have to work from three different offices. Such experience is not convenient, therefore we decided to change the situation essentially and to start a new stage of the firm’s life in modern premises on the right bank of the Neris river,” Eugenia SutkienÄ—, the managing partner of law firm Tark Grunte Sutkiene, revealed the reasons for the choice.


The decision to move to Quadrum was not spontaneous. The firm took their time to choose and consider many options, including the premises in the old town.


“Now our central office is based in a prestigious location in the very heart of Vilnius city. On the other hand, for this reason we perfectly feel the pulse of the old town and it becomes obvious that the old town is slowly becoming recreational and representative urban area from which the business is noticeably relocating. Therefore, we decided to move along with the business,” said E. Sutkiene.


Earlier, DNB bank, aviation company Avion Express owned by a French investment company, IT company Tervezo, Finance and Real Estate Consulting Company Newsec have also announced plans to move to the office complex rising at 21 Konstitucijos Avenue.

The Quadrum business centre announced that it has already leased almost 50 percent of its premises. According to project developers, the demand for A class office spaces in Vilnius remains very high.


“We monitor market and it is clear that the demand for high-quality office spaces for business is not decreasing. We are often chosen by developing companies which are looking for high-quality, economically and energetically attractive solution,” said Kjetil T. Hanssen, head of real estate development company Schage Real Estate.


The Quadrum centre, ranked as class A office, will stand out by its innovative technical solutions. It will become the first new business centre in the Baltic States having the international environmental impact assessment certificate BREAAM. This is a high building quality guarantee which is given after evaluating buildings' structural stability, effects on health, energy efficiency, water quality, material, waste and land usage efficiency.


The tenants of the Quadrum business centre, which has an overall area of 70,000 sq. m., will be able to use not only the main advantages of a modern office complex, but also solutions that completely change the office work experience.


“Like it or not, we spend most of the day at work. Having that in mind, the business centre was designed to have relaxation areas, a green courtyard and some green roofs as well,” Kjetil T. Hanssen presented the unique solutions. “We will also integrate works of art created specifically for this office ensemble and well-regarded by experts. We seek to create an environment which would not only be convenient to work in, but also allows you to relax, feel inspired.”


The business centre will offer daily services too, as it will house a barber's shop, cleaning facility, shops, restaurants, bars and snack bars. Total value of Schage investment into the project is over 75 million euro.