2016 01 19

Agrowill Group and Quadrum has signed office rent agreement

It is becoming obvious that companies which now have their offices in the old Vilnius centre (the Old Town and Naujamiestis area) are starting to migrate to the new centre of Vilnius City, i.e. to the right bank of Neris River. According to the developers of the new Quadrum business centre soon to be finished, these are undeniable trends which are not going to be short-lived.


“It is obvious that the Old Town is slowly turning into a recreational and representational zone of the city, which is visibly being abandoned by businesses. After organic farming company Agrowill Group has joined the other tenants of Quadrum, we can see that two thirds of its area are leased to companies which currently have their offices in the old Vilnius centre,” Kjetil T. Hanssen, the director of real estate development company Schage Real Estate, commented on the trends.


Agrowill Group who has announced their plans to relocate to Quadrium business centre informs that the headquarters of the company will host 45 employees and the leased area will be larger than 650 square meters. In addition to strategically convenient location, quality and latest technologies of the Quadrum business centre, the main criterion determining the choice of the company was the compliance of the centre with the highest environmental standards.


“Agrowill is currently undergoing a significant business transformation and, therefore, a physical and psychological comfort of our employees is very important to us. Creating a new business model, we want to offer our employees a working environment that encourages creativity and is comfortable so we see the relocation to a modern, bright and technologically advanced office as a possibility to strengthen the teamwork and prepare us for new challenges. Since 2015, all agricultural processes in our group conform to organic farming standards and all land used for agriculture has been recently certified for use in organic farming so our choice was largely influenced by the fact that this office complex will have a BREEAM certificate,” said Linas Bulzgys, the general manager of Agrowill Group.


According to the director of Schage Real Estate, the relocation directions of business companies in Vilnius have already become rather obvious and steady and areas hosting concentrated businesses are emerging so companies do not look very far when they face the need to move to a new office.


“The choice of companies to change their offices is determined both by quality, location and plans of expansion; however, businesses typically wish to be located in places which are not only convenient but also let the companies benefit from them. The attractiveness of the right bank of Neris River for businesses is also acknowledged by other companies which have already leased their offices in Quadrum centre: all of them are currently located in nearby office buildings and, apparently, have already had enough time to appreciate the advantages of this location,” commented Kjetil T. Hanssen.


Earlier, DNB Bank, airline Avion Express owned by French investment company and real estate consulting company Newsec have also announced their plans to relocate to the complex of office buildings which is being built in Konstitucijos Avenue. The services zone of the business centre is also filling up quickly: it has already been agreed that the centre will house a kindergarten, cafes and restaurants and other companies providing services.


The tenants of the Quadrum business centre, which has an overall area of 70,000 m², will be able to use both the main advantages of a modern office complex and solutions that fundamentally change the experience of office work.


“Whether we like it or not, we spend the largest part of our day at work. With this fact in mind, we planned relaxation areas at the business centre as well as a green courtyard and some green roofs as well,” Kjetil T. Hanssen presented the unique solutions. “We will also integrate works of art created specifically for this office ensemble and well-regarded by experts. We seek to create an environment which is both convenient to work in and allows one to relax and be inspired.”


The business centre will offer daily services too, as it will house a sports club, a kindergarten and dry cleaner`s shop as well as public catering establishments: restaurants, bars and cafeterias. The total amount invested by Schage in this project exceeds 75 million Euro.